Exercise for sexy butts

If you want to have an enviable posterior that all eyes will turn to the pool or the beach, trying to work as much buttocks muscles. Request this muscle group by using as many personal activities everyday!

In a few weeks, you’ll be amazed with the results! Choose exercises that fit and try to execute daily. Are as light as it is effective!

The secret of success of this exercise is to not give up on them as soon as you start noticing results. To maintain the effects, you have to move maintenance!

Muscles to be working

Buttocks muscles are made of: little nappy, nappy rash medium and big. Little buttock allow articulation with hip, buttocks environment is used to maintain the vertical position while walking, while great help buttock hip extension movement.

For training and muscle strengthening buttocks, need to do some cardio exercises but the devices. Equally effective are riding a bike, running easily or kickboxing

Lunges forward or lateral

We have to stand up, heels close to the buttocks and hands. Keep your back straight, tighten your abdominal muscles and make a step forward with your right foot forward. Supports the entire weight of the body on the right foot and hold the position a few seconds. Return to starting position and repeat the movement, but this time with the left foot forward. After 20 moves for each foot, try the same exercise but sideways.

The best exercises for butts

Stand straight with your feet slightly apart and hands on your buttocks. Bend your knees and lean slightly down, keeping your back straight. Return to starting position and repeat the movement. Remember to inhale and exhale when you lean when you get up.

Side lifts

They are recommended especially for the middle and lower buttocks. You need to sit on the floor with legs extended and lean in his right elbow. Raise your left leg as much as you can without bending the knee. Movement is slow, keeping buttocks muscles tense.

Pool lift

Lie down on your back with your arms at your sides and feet slightly apart. Prop up the heel and gently lift the basin. Then descend and return to the starting position, keeping buttocks muscles tense. Repeat the movement 30 times.

Pay attention to how you breathe. Any instructor will advise you to inhale when you relax and exhale when executing the hardest part of the exercise.

Intense 10 minutes every day!

Here is a series of 10 minute exercise in full force! If somehow, you have muscle soreness, take a massage! It will help activate the lymphatic system! And do not forget, for the year to be fully effective, you must keep your muscles tense!

Program begins with a slow jog back and forth to warm the muscles. Then, do 30 jumping light on both feet, then jump left foot 30 to 30 jumps per leg. Return to the 30 jumps on both feet, but easily run between sets!

Put your hands on your hips, and make the turn to 30 times on the right leg and left leg 30 times, each time maintaining high leg at least 3 seconds.

Sit on the floor, lying on his back with his arms resting on the next trunk, knees bent and feet at the same distance to the shoulder. Perform 80 lifts, as follows: 30 pelvic lifts his knees in line with the foot, and 30 pelvic lifts bringing your knees when lifting and, finally, 20 pelvic lifts with knees paste. All, without stopping!

Do you believe you can do all this series in 10 up to 15 minutes?

Extra tips!

When you walk, your muscles tighten buttocks and walks as pressed. Ideal would be to do such a walk at least 30 minutes daily. Even more effective is walking on the mountain, so when you get in that area, do not miss the opportunity to climb up and down as much as possible, at least an hour a day. An alternative as good for those who do not get on the mountain, is climbing stairs. To achieve maximum efficiency, up the stairs two steps at a time.